Dungeon sets

Name Type Location
Amber Plasm Amber Plasm Dungeon Ruins of Mazzatun
Armor of Truth Armor of Truth Dungeon Darkshade Caverns I, Darkshade Caverns II
Aspect of Mazzatun Aspect of Mazzatun Dungeon Ruins of Mazzatun
Auroran's Thunder Auroran's Thunder Dungeon Depths of Malatar
Azureblight Reaper Azureblight Reaper Dungeon Lair of Maarselok
Barkskin Barkskin Dungeon Elden Hollow I, Elden Hollow II
Blood Moon Blood Moon Dungeon March of Sacrifices
Blooddrinker Blooddrinker Dungeon Bloodroot Forge
Bone Pirate's Tatters Bone Pirate's Tatters Dungeon Blackheart Haven
Brands of Imperium Brands of Imperium Dungeon White-Gold Tower
Burning Spellweave Burning Spellweave Dungeon City of Ash I, City of Ash II
Caluurion's Legacy Caluurion's Legacy Dungeon Fang Lair
Combat Physician Combat Physician Dungeon Wayrest Sewers I, Wayrest Sewers II
Crusader Crusader Dungeon Volenfell
Curse of Doylemish Curse of Doylemish Dungeon Scalecaller Peak
Dragon’s Defilement Dragon’s Defilement Dungeon Lair of Maarselok
Draugr Hulk Draugr Hulk Dungeon Direfrost Keep
Draugr's Rest Draugr's Rest Dungeon Falkreath Hold
Dreugh King Slayer Dreugh King Slayer Dungeon Fungal Grotto I, Fungal Grotto II
Dro’zakar’s Claws Dro’zakar’s Claws Dungeon Moongrave Fane
Duneripper's Scales Duneripper's Scales Dungeon Volenfell
Durok's Bane Durok's Bane Dungeon Selene's Web
Ebon Armory Ebon Armory Dungeon Crypt of Hearts I, Crypt of Hearts II
Embershield Embershield Dungeon City of Ash I, City of Ash II
Essence Thief Essence Thief Dungeon White-Gold Tower
Flame Blossom Flame Blossom Dungeon Bloodroot Forge
Frozen Watcher Frozen Watcher Dungeon Depths of Malatar
Gossamer Gossamer Dungeon Cradle of Shadows
Hagraven's Garden Hagraven's Garden Dungeon Bloodroot Forge
Hand of Mephala Hand of Mephala Dungeon Cradle of Shadows
Hanu's Compassion Hanu's Compassion Dungeon March of Sacrifices
Haven of Ursus Haven of Ursus Dungeon March of Sacrifices
Heem-Jas' Retribution Heem-Jas' Retribution Dungeon Ruins of Mazzatun
Hircine's Veneer Hircine's Veneer Dungeon Selene's Web
Hollowfang Thirst Hollowfang Thirst Dungeon Moongrave Fane
Icy Conjuror Icy Conjuror Dungeon Frostvault
Ironblood Ironblood Dungeon Falkreath Hold
Jailbreaker Jailbreaker Dungeon The Banished Cells I, The Banished Cells II
Jailer's Tenacity Jailer's Tenacity Dungeon Moon Hunter Keep
Jolting Arms Jolting Arms Dungeon Tempest Island
Jorvuld's Guidance Jorvuld's Guidance Dungeon Scalecaller Peak
Knight-Errant's Mail Knight-Errant's Mail Dungeon Blackheart Haven
Knightmare Knightmare Dungeon Spindleclutch I, Spindleclutch II
Lamia's Song Lamia's Song Dungeon Arx Corinium
Leeching Plate Leeching Plate Dungeon Imperial City Prison
Leviathan Leviathan Dungeon Crypt of Hearts I, Crypt of Hearts II
Light Speaker Light Speaker Dungeon Elden Hollow I, Elden Hollow II
Magicka Furnace Magicka Furnace Dungeon Direfrost Keep
Medusa Medusa Dungeon Arx Corinium
Mighty Glacier Mighty Glacier Dungeon Frostvault

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