Craftable sets

Name Type Location
Adept Rider Adept Rider Craftable Crafting Station Summerset, Northern Shimmerene
Alessia's Bulwark Alessia's Bulwark Craftable Alik'r Desert (Alezer Kotu), Malabal Tor (Chancel of Divine Entreaty), Eastmarch (Hammerhome)
Armor Master Armor Master Craftable Imperial City, Memorial District
Armor of the Seducer Armor of the Seducer Craftable Stormhaven, Grahtwood, Deshaan
Ashen Grip Ashen Grip Craftable Glenumbra (Par Molag), Auridon (Beacon Falls), Stonefalls (Magmaflow Overlook)
Assassin's Guile Assassin's Guile Craftable Vvardenfell, Marandus
Clever Alchemist Clever Alchemist Craftable Hew's Bane, No Shira Workshop
Coldharbour's Favorite Coldharbour's Favorite Craftable Elsweyr
Daedric Trickery Daedric Trickery Craftable Vvardenfell
Death's Wind Death's Wind Craftable Glenumbra, Auridon, Stonefalls
Eternal Hunt Eternal Hunt Craftable Hew's Bane
Eyes of Mara Eyes of Mara Craftable Eyevea
Fortified Brass Fortified Brass Craftable The Clockwork City
Grave-Stake Collector Grave-Stake Collector Craftable Murkmire
Hist Bark Hist Bark Craftable Rivenspire, Greenshade, Shadowfen
Hunding's Rage Hunding's Rage Craftable Bangkorai, Reaper's March, The Rift
Innate Axiom Innate Axiom Craftable The Clockwork City
Kagrenac's Hope Kagrenac's Hope Craftable The Earth Forge (AD =Reapers March - Rawl'kha // EP = The Rift - Riften // DC = Bankorai - Evermore)
Kvatch Gladiator Kvatch Gladiator Craftable The Gold Coast
Law of Julianos Law of Julianos Craftable Wrothgar, Boreal Forge
Magnus' Gift Magnus' Gift Craftable Rivenspire, Greenshade, Shadowfen
Mechanical Acuity Mechanical Acuity Craftable Pavillion of Artifice, The Clockwork City
Might of the Lost Legion Might of the Lost Legion Craftable Murkmire
Morkuldin Morkuldin Craftable Wrothgar
Naga Shaman Naga Shaman Craftable Murkmire
Night Mother's Gaze Night Mother's Gaze Craftable Bangkorai, Reaper's March, The Rift
Night's Silence Night's Silence Craftable Glenumbra, Auridon, Stonefalls
Noble's Conquest Noble's Conquest Craftable Imperial City
Nocturnal's Favor Nocturnal's Favor Craftable Summerset Crafting Station
Oblivion's Foe Oblivion's Foe Craftable Coldharbour
Orgnum's Scales Orgnum's Scales Craftable The Earth Forge
Pelinal's Aptitude Pelinal's Aptitude Craftable The Gold Coast
Redistributor Redistributor Craftable Imperial City, Arboretum District
Senche-raht's Grit Senche-raht's Grit Craftable Elsweyr
Shacklebreaker Shacklebreaker Craftable Vvardenfell
Shalidor's Curse Shalidor's Curse Craftable Eyevea
Sload's Semblance Sload's Semblance Craftable Summerset Crafting Station
Song of Lamae Song of Lamae Craftable Alik'r Desert, Malabal Tor, Eastmarch
Spectre's Eye Spectre's Eye Craftable Coldharbour
Tava's Favor Tava's Favor Craftable Hew's Bane
Torug's Pact Torug's Pact Craftable Grahtwood (Fisherman's Isle). Stormhaven (Hammerdeath Workshop). Deshaan (Lake Hlaalu Retreat).
Trial by Fire Trial by Fire Craftable Wrothgar
Twice-Born Star Twice-Born Star Craftable Craglorn
Twilight's Embrace Twilight's Embrace Craftable Stormhaven, Grahtwood, Deshaan
Vampire's Kiss Vampire's Kiss Craftable Alik'r Desert, Malabal Tor, Eastmarch
Varen's Legacy Varen's Legacy Craftable The Gold Coast
Vastarie's Tutelage Vastarie's Tutelage Craftable Elsweyr
Way of the Arena Way of the Arena Craftable Craglorn
Whitestrake's Retribution Whitestrake's Retribution Craftable Rivenspire, Greenshade, Shadowfen
Willow's Path Willow's Path Craftable Bangkorai, Reaper's March, The Rift

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