Overland sets

Name Type Location
Akaviri Dragonguard Akaviri Dragonguard Overland Eastmarch
Armor of the Trainee Armor of the Trainee Overland Stros M'Kai, Khenarthi's Roost, Bleakrock Isle, Betnikh, Bal Foyen
Armor of the Veiled Heritance Armor of the Veiled Heritance Overland Auridon
Bahraha's Curse Bahraha's Curse Overland Hew's Bane
Beekeeper's Gear Beekeeper's Gear Overland Greenshade
Bloodthorn's Touch Bloodthorn's Touch Overland Glenumbra
Briarheart Briarheart Overland Wrothgar
Bright-Throat's Boast Bright-Throat's Boast Overland Murkmire
Call of the Undertaker Call of the Undertaker Overland Elsweyr
Champion of the Hist Champion of the Hist Overland Murkmire
Crafty Alfiq Crafty Alfiq Overland Elsweyr
Darkstride Darkstride Overland Rivenspire
Dead-Water's Guile Dead-Water's Guile Overland Murkmire
Defiler Defiler Overland Vvardenfell
Draugr's Heritage Draugr's Heritage Overland The Rift
Dreamer's Mantle Dreamer's Mantle Overland Stormhaven
Fiord's Legacy Fiord's Legacy Overland Eastmarch
Flanking Strategist Flanking Strategist Overland The Gold Coast
Grace of Gloom Grace of Gloom Overland Summerset
Green Pact Green Pact Overland Grahtwood
Gryphon's Ferocity Gryphon's Ferocity Overland Summerset Zone
Hatchling's Shell Hatchling's Shell Overland Shadowfen
Hide of Morihaus Hide of Morihaus Overland The Gold Coast
Hide of the Werewolf Hide of the Werewolf Overland Glenumbra
Livewire Livewire Overland The Clockwork City
Mad Tinkerer Mad Tinkerer Overland The Clockwork City
Mark of the Pariah Mark of the Pariah Overland Wrothgar
Meridia's Blessed Armor Meridia's Blessed Armor Overland Coldharbour
Mother's Sorrow Mother's Sorrow Overland Deshaan
Necropotence Necropotence Overland Rivenspire
Night Mother's Embrace Night Mother's Embrace Overland Deshaan
Night Terror Night Terror Overland Stormhaven
Order of Diagna Order of Diagna Overland Alik'r Desert
Plague Doctor Plague Doctor Overland Deshaan
Prisoner's Rags Prisoner's Rags Overland Coldharbour
Queen's Elegance Queen's Elegance Overland Auridon
Ranger's Gait Ranger's Gait Overland Grahtwood
Robes of the Hist Robes of the Hist Overland Shadowfen
Robes of the Withered Hand Robes of the Withered Hand Overland Alik'r Desert
Salvation Salvation Overland Malabal Tor
Senche's Bite Senche's Bite Overland Reaper's March
Seventh Legion Brute Seventh Legion Brute Overland Bangkorai
Shadow Dancer's Raiment Shadow Dancer's Raiment Overland Greenshade
Shadow of the Red Mountain Shadow of the Red Mountain Overland Stonefalls
Shalk Exoskeleton Shalk Exoskeleton Overland Stonefalls
Silks of the Sun Silks of the Sun Overland Stonefalls
Sithis' Touch Sithis' Touch Overland The Gold Coast
Skooma Smuggler Skooma Smuggler Overland Reaper's March
Soulshine Soulshine Overland Reaper's March
Spinner's Garments Spinner's Garments Overland Malabal Tor

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