Monster Set sets

Name Type Location
Balorgh Balorgh Monster Set March of Sacrifices, Urgalarg Chief-bane's undaunted chest
Bloodspawn Bloodspawn Monster Set Spindleclutch II, Maj
Chokethorn Chokethorn Monster Set Elden Hollow I, Maj
Domihaus Domihaus Monster Set Falkreath Hold, Urgarlag
Earthgore Earthgore Monster Set Bloodroot Forge, Urgarlag
Engine Guardian Engine Guardian Monster Set Darkshade Caverns II, Maj
Grothdarr Grothdarr Monster Set Vaults of Madness, Glirion
Grundwulf Grundwulf Monster Set Moongrave Fane
Iceheart Iceheart Monster Set Direfrost Keep, Glirion
Ilambris Ilambris Monster Set Crypt of Hearts I, Glirion
Infernal Guardian Infernal Guardian Monster Set City of Ash I, Glirion
Kra'gh Kra'gh Monster Set Fungal Grotto I, Maj
Lord Warden Lord Warden Monster Set Imperial City Prison, Urgarlag
Maarselok Maarselok Monster Set Lair of Maarselok
Maw of the Infernal Maw of the Infernal Monster Set The Banished Cells II, Maj
Mighty Chudan Mighty Chudan Monster Set Ruins of Mazzatun, Urgarlag
Molag Kena Molag Kena Monster Set White-Gold Tower, Urgarlag
Nerien'eth Nerien'eth Monster Set Crypt of Hearts II, Glirion
Nightflame Nightflame Monster Set Elden Hollow II, Maj
Pirate Skeleton Pirate Skeleton Monster Set Blackheart Haven, Glirion
Scourge Harvester Scourge Harvester Monster Set Wayrest Sewers II, Maj
Selene Selene Monster Set Selene's Web, Glirion
Sellistrix Sellistrix Monster Set Arx Corinium, Glirion
Sentinel of Rkugamz Sentinel of Rkugamz Monster Set Darkshade Caverns I, Maj
Shadowrend Shadowrend Monster Set The Banished Cells I, Maj
Slimecraw Slimecraw Monster Set Wayrest Sewers I, Maj
Spawn of Mephala Spawn of Mephala Monster Set Fungal Grotto II, Maj
Stonekeeper Stonekeeper Monster Set Frostvault, Urgalarg Chief-bane's undaunted chest
Stormfist Stormfist Monster Set Tempest Island, Glirion
Swarm Mother Swarm Mother Monster Set Spindleclutch I, Maj
Symphony of Blades Symphony of Blades Monster Set Depths of Malatar, Urgalarg Chief-bane's undaunted chest
The Troll King The Troll King Monster Set Blessed Crucible, Glirion
Thurvokun Thurvokun Monster Set Fang Lair
Tremorscale Tremorscale Monster Set Volenfell, Glirion
Valkyn Skoria Valkyn Skoria Monster Set City of Ash II, Glirion
Velidreth Velidreth Monster Set Cradle of Shadows, Urgarlag
Vykosa Vykosa Monster Set Moon Hunter Keep, Urgarlag Chief-bane
Zaan Zaan Monster Set Scalecaller Peak, Urgalarg Chief-bane's undaunted chest

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