Light Armor sets

Name Type Location
Almalexia's Mercy Almalexia's Mercy PvP Cyrodiil, Cropsford Elite Gear Vendor
Amber Plasm Amber Plasm Dungeon Ruins of Mazzatun
Armor of the Trainee Armor of the Trainee Overland Stros M'Kai, Khenarthi's Roost, Bleakrock Isle, Betnikh, Bal Foyen
Auroran's Thunder Auroran's Thunder Dungeon Depths of Malatar
Bahraha's Curse Bahraha's Curse Overland Hew's Bane
Bloodthorn's Touch Bloodthorn's Touch Overland Glenumbra
Bright-Throat's Boast Bright-Throat's Boast Overland Murkmire
Buffer of the Swift Buffer of the Swift PvP Cyrodiil, Cropsford Elite Gear Vendor
Burning Spellweave Burning Spellweave Dungeon City of Ash I, City of Ash II
Caluurion's Legacy Caluurion's Legacy Dungeon Fang Lair
Combat Physician Combat Physician Dungeon Wayrest Sewers I, Wayrest Sewers II
Crafty Alfiq Crafty Alfiq Overland Elsweyr
Curse Eater Curse Eater PvP Cyrodiil, Cropsford Elite Gear Vendor
Desert Rose Desert Rose PvP Cyrodiil, Cropsford Elite Gear Vendor, Rewards of the Worthy
Destructive Mage Destructive Mage Trial Hel Ra Citadel
Draugr's Rest Draugr's Rest Dungeon Falkreath Hold
Dreamer's Mantle Dreamer's Mantle Overland Stormhaven
Elemental Succession Elemental Succession Arena Maelstrom Arena
Eye of Nahviintaas Eye of Nahviintaas Trial Sunspire
False God's Devotion False God's Devotion Trial Sunspire
Flame Blossom Flame Blossom Dungeon Bloodroot Forge
Galerion's Revenge Galerion's Revenge PvP Imperial Sewers
Gossamer Gossamer Dungeon Cradle of Shadows
Hanu's Compassion Hanu's Compassion Dungeon March of Sacrifices
Healer's Habit Healer's Habit Arena Dragonstar Arena
Healing Mage Healing Mage Trial Aetherian Archive
Hollowfang Thirst Hollowfang Thirst Dungeon Moongrave Fane
Icy Conjuror Icy Conjuror Dungeon Frostvault
Imperial Physique Imperial Physique PvP Imperial Sewers
Impregnable Armor Impregnable Armor PvP Battlegrounds
Indomitable Fury Indomitable Fury PvP Cyrodiil
Infallible Mage Infallible Mage Trial Hel Ra Citadel, Aetherian Archive, Sanctum Ophidia
Inventor's Guard Inventor's Guard Trial Halls of Fabrication
Jorvuld's Guidance Jorvuld's Guidance Dungeon Scalecaller Peak
Knight Slayer Knight Slayer PvP Battlegrounds
Lamia's Song Lamia's Song Dungeon Arx Corinium
Light of Cyrodiil Light of Cyrodiil PvP Cyrodiil
Light Speaker Light Speaker Dungeon Elden Hollow I, Elden Hollow II
Mad Tinkerer Mad Tinkerer Overland The Clockwork City
Magicka Furnace Magicka Furnace Dungeon Direfrost Keep
Mantle of Siroria Mantle of Siroria Trial Cloudrest
Master Architect Master Architect Trial Halls of Fabrication
Meritorious Service Meritorious Service PvP Imperial Sewers
Moon Hunter Moon Hunter Dungeon Moon Hunter Keep
Moondancer Moondancer Trial Maw of Lorkhaj
Mother's Sorrow Mother's Sorrow Overland Deshaan
Necropotence Necropotence Overland Rivenspire
Netch's Touch Netch's Touch Dungeon Darkshade Caverns I, Darkshade Caverns II
Noble Duelist's Silks Noble Duelist's Silks Dungeon Blessed Crucible
Overwhelming Surge Overwhelming Surge Dungeon Tempest Island

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