Mythic Items

Mythic items were teased during the Greymoor Chapter Announcement stream. Mythic items are a new type of sets that are unique. They only have one bonus, but also only require you to wear one piece. In fact, you can only wear one Mythic item at a time. It looks like these new Mythic items will be very powerful for both PvP and PvE, close to the strength of a normal set five piece bonus or the unique bonus of a Monster Set.

Mythic items will obtainable through the Antiquities System. Antiquities can be found all over tamriel, base game, DLC and Chapter zones. Therefore, if you want to get all of the items you most likely need to have all Chapters and DLCs. That sounds like a lot, but usually if you buy the newest Chapter you get all the old ones for free and the DLCs can be obtained by simply having the ESO Plus sub.

So far we only know about two existing Mythic items:


... Necklace

LEVEL 50 - CP 160
Type Mythic Item
Set bonus
(1 item) 10% increased Movement Speed in combat. 20% increased Movement Speed outside of combat.
Heavy Chest

... Cuirass

LEVEL 50 - CP 160
Type Mythic Item
Set bonus
(1 item) While you are blocking, restore magicka.

As soon as we have more information, all the obtainable Mythic items will be listed on this website.

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