Name: Willpower
Type: Unknown
Location: Imperial City, Dungeonfinder
Requires DLC: Imperial City
Style: Xivkyn

Obtainable items:
  • Jewels
  • Weapons


LEVEL 50 - CP 160
Type Unknown
Set bonus
(2 items) Adds 1451 Maximum Magicka
(3 items) Adds 193 Spell Damage

Builds utilizing Willpower

Name Class Role Author
Azure Nightblade Magicka DD Alcast
Blossom Warden Healer Alcast
Caluurion Sorcerer Magicka DD Alcast
Ice and Fire Warden Magicka DD Alcast
Illusion Nightblade Healer Alcast
Mystic Sorcerer Magicka DD Alcast
Obsidian Dragonknight Healer Alcast
Reliever Templar Healer Alcast
Scorch Dragonknight Magicka PvP Alcast
Sorcerer Adept Sorcerer Magicka DD Alcast
Summoner Sorcerer Magicka DD Alcast
Surge Sorcerer Healer Alcast

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